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Pregnancy Pillow


Some Pregnant snore, and apparently I was one of them. Hubby says he tried to wake me gently, but i was not budging, so he nudged me, and it startled me. I was so mad because I had finally found a comfortable position to sleep in. So i kicked him out of bed, and he slept on the sofa. He must have snuck back in, because we were all cuddled up the next morning. And honestly,hata makasiriko ikuwe aje, he is the best pregnancy pillow ever!!!

-Destiny K (F)

The Only Bachelor Among Us


Several years ago, we used to go to dunda almost every weekend. Most of these moments, we used to find each other sleeping at our pal Kim’s place. Sad part that kept pissing me off; single guys don’t care about their houses. The guys furniture is from a decade ago. Mbao za kiti na kitanda ziliisha isha. Literally unaumwa na mgongo for just seating down. Haana hata carpet ati maybe you decide to spend the night there and the guys is working and earning some good cash. Spending nights at his place was nightmare but we didn’t have a choice, he was the only bachelor amongst us.. Hahahaha… Man, we used to have stressful mornings; shingo inauma, mgongo haisongi, kichwa ndio hiyo.. Yaani hadi mbu zimetukula because the guy doesn’t even have a mosquito net. We kept on advising him to at least buy a good bed and a nice seats but he kept lamenting, “za nini na naishi pekee yangu”… At least now he has a girlfriend, ill see how to convince her take Kim to Victoria Courts and have a full make-over of his house with extremely good quality furniture. Atakuja Victoria, atashangaa what hes been missing for all those years.

-James W (M)

Naughty Kids


My kids broke my favorite seat in the house, I have a seat when I come in from work I seat on it, I don’t know what happened but they broke one of the legs so when I went to sit puglu I was down and they were left in stiches.. then Ooops sorry mom ,end of rant.

-Joyce N (F)

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