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Lipa Later- How it works:

1. Click this link to make your application


2.Share your 6 months mpesa statements
3. Get approved instantly and collect your item

Aspira-How it works:

1. Visit Victoria Courts and select your home furniture item
2. Download the app and make your application
3. You will be notified within 24 hours with a response.
4. Submit the required documents.
5. Meet the financial advisors who will take you through the final approval and contract
6. The product is delivered by the merchant.

Detail: Lipa Later
Documents Required 6 months MPESA statement 

Limit on financing 500,000
Interest rate 4% per month
Maximum repayment period 15 months
Deposit Required No deposit required
When to have the products. Within 72 hrs after after approval
Detail: Aspira
Documents Required 3 months MPESA statement 
3 months Bank Statement 
3 months’ payslip if employed
Limit on financing It is individual- depends on your scoring.
Interest rate 4% per month
Maximum repayment period 12 months
Deposit Required Zero deposit (no deposit is required)
When to have the products. As soon as it is approved by Aspira, delivery is done.

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