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I’m the youngest in a family of five children. Everybody told me what to do-when to eat, what to wear how to behave…all the basic things in an African household where the child was raised by a village. In turn, whenever I was alone, which was more often than I like to admit, I always daydreamed of being a grown up. Then and only then will I be the one calling the shots.

Well, Life does come at you fast!!!

I grew up and here I am, one of the many “Adults” hardly hacking this life thing. And yes, growing up is the biggest scam in all of eternity-don’t do it if you haven’t already!! You still can’t really dress the way you want if you’re female because-men! There are so many expectations laid on women whose real intentions of existence is just to coddle man- like knowing how to cook, clean etc…but this is a whole other can of worms that can’t be unpacked in just one seating…probably requires years of therapy to unload…so moving on swiftly…

In these not so dark times of the internet however we see all sorts of people trying to get accolades from strangers….posting about vacations not had or posting food not eaten or tasted. Everybody is trying to impress somebody whether it’s with an outfit or an accent; people are being a tad extreme with the “fake it till you make it” mantra.

But do you know where one is free to be who you really are? At HOME…unless you live in a hostel or with people who you can’t be real with then sis you need to have a meeting with self and figure out who you really as in truly are.

Home is the one place that you get to show who you are, in how you arrange your furniture and the colours of your curtains to the kind of décor you have, that’s the true reflection of who you are. No matter the background you come from, no matter where you live- there really is no place like home! This is the one place that you are free to be unapologetically you. You like green? Get a green sofa, you like orange? Get the brightest orange carpet there is out there…home is where the heart is and its where you’re truly free to be you.

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